Why OK Kanmani could be one of the finest movies of 2K15!

The first look poster of Maniratnam’s OK Kanmani got released recently and it got me pretty much excited . While many may have lost faith in Maniratnam, being  an ardent fan, I can’t help but beam with excitement.

Eyebrows were raised when I shared my optimism with my friends, and now on hindsight I could understand why. Raavanan, a complex and overhyped movie which failed to effectively use the exploits of the madras maestro,left the audience bemused. And Kadal…When the photos of Gautam Karthik and Tulasi Nair sprung up on the internet, I was vouching for it to be the next Alaipayuthe. It had all the ingredients to match it if not best it – Great music(nenjukulla in particular), the time of the release(the only big movie which got released at that time was David(another mega flop movie)).Inspite of the beautiful cinematography and mind blowing music, the movie was nowhere close to being called a ‘Maniratnam’ movie. Mere words aren’t enough to express my disappointment.The ship-Kadal the movie- which I expected to sail strongly in the sea(Kadal)- sank without any trace.

I admit that Raavanan was disappointing and Kadal was much more disappointing. But both of these movies had Maniratnam’s touch. They had responsible dialogues, beautiful cinematography, applaudable performances from the actors, mind blowing music and above all unimaginable plot.And I still hope that he could weave his magic as he did fifteen years back in Alaipayuthe. P.C. Sreeram, Sreekar Prasad, Vairamuthu and A.R.Rahman along with Maniratnam delivered an everlasting classic. The impact of the movie is so great that it is still considered as the epitome of romantic movies. The film created ripples in my heart like no other and the vibes still remain fresh.I stop changing the channel when I come across Kadhal Sadugudu, Snegithane, Pachai Nirame or Evano Oruvan!. After the movie release, Karthik became the most loved name for a guy and I could go on and claim boldly that the Karthik in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvayaa props out the image of Karthik in Alaipayuthe. I dare you I double dare you to oppose this. Such is the impact.

Now, I can write a hundred notes for Alaipayuthe, so let’s come to the topic of the note.

Why OK Kanmani will be one of the most celebrated movies of 2k15-

-It has the same technical crew of Alaipayuthe.
-D.O.P – P.C. Sreeram
-Editor- Sreekar Prasad
-Needless to say, the magical A.R.Rahman-Vairamuthu combo!

And above all, A ROMANTIC MOVIE from MANIRATNAM, the man who taught most of us the feel of love, in his own style. Kadal is just a experiment gone wrong. Ever since I came to know that it is Oh! Kadhal Kanmani, I got myself tuned to go crazy!!. SO GET READY TO EXPERIENCE THE MANIRATNAM MADNESS!!

The movie may not be as good as expected… But who cares!! Dying to see the words ‘A MANI RATNAM FILM’ on the screen! Heaven can wait!